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Goemagot- Eradication of Insignificant Beings

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1. Arrival 00:49   instrumental
2. Headless Prostitute Present 03:18   Show lyrics
3. Too Decomposed to Rape 03:14   Show lyrics
4. The Ethics of Omnipotence 04:04   Show lyrics
5. Crushed After Dismemberment 02:16   Show lyrics
6. Stump 03:09   Show lyrics
7. Carnal Extirpation 02:24   Show lyrics
8. Progressive Repression of Cognition 03:43   Show lyrics
9. Let Them Become Soil 03:15   Show lyrics
10. Shitting Barbed Wire Asshole Birth 03:04   Show lyrics
11. Beg for Extinction 06:31   Show lyrics

Not many brutal death metal bands are inherently interesting nowadays, with a plague of subpar Devourment worship acts swarming the grounds of death metal. Why? Maybe because “slam” is easy to make & more often than not, an uninspired, trite, abomination of music. Not to say all “slam” is bad; for instance, the band in question, Goemagot, incorporates a lot of slam influence in their music – but the difference between Goemagot & say, Epicardiectomy, is that Goemagot are not only extremely talented at their instruments, but also incorporate way more than just chugging breakdowns, gutturals & blast beats.

First thing I’ll mention is the production. Right off the bat, the production floored me. That single snare hit at the end of the intro track, fading into “Headless Prostitute Present”, where I was immediately assaulted by a slow, slamming riff heavier than anything I’ve heard in my life, is just pure brilliance. The guitar tone is super thick & heavy sounding, with the bass following along with such gorgeous audibility that it honestly gave me chills. The drums also sound absolutely massive, explosive yet not overpowering like a lot of brutal death metal bands.

The guitar tone has been mentioned, however I have yet to include a segment wherein I talk about the writing. The riffs on this album are mostly unbelievably heavy slam riffs, but there’s something else there; these melodies with the guitar that you only really notice when you listen deeply to the music. The ending of the final track also features a beautiful acoustic guitar passage before fading out, something not many brutal death metal bands have done – to my knowledge.

The vocals also have yet to be mentioned. These are some of the best gutturals I’ve ever heard. This deep growl that just sounds so filthy & guttural, and yet there’s yet again, something very unique about how the vocalist does these vocals. On occasion, traditional death metal growls & high pitched shrieks enter the music (for example, towards the end of “Stump”), like an unexpected burst of originality & freshness. It prevents the album from getting boring & bland, very fast.

Overall the album is perfectly balanced & never lost my interest throughout the entire listening. Definitely an underrated gem in the world of brutal death metal, with technical riffs & actual vocal variety, insane drums & untouchable bass tone. This is what happens when actual thought is put into making slam, not just “okay guys, let’s be as generic & “brutal” as possible!”. I mean, come on! That’s not how it’s done! I want music to be interesting, thought provoking, fun… And Goemagot are just incredible when it comes to that. Not to mention the artwork, which is just as disturbing & nasty as it is eyecatching & cool. There’s just so much going on, which is an excellent way to describe the music. Pure brilliance.


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