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Craniotomy- Overgorged Flesh Flies Dying Slowly

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Craniotomy’s latest full length album! Great stuff.


1. Intro (Souls of Mass Murders) 00:34
2. Butcher’s Flies Are Beautifully Butterflies 02:56
3. Girl from Little Village 03:27
4. Residues of Decapitated Intestines Falls Out of Plate 03:24
5. Malevolent Traces Full of Disgust and Fear Saw in Soil 03:47
6. Delicacy of Bone Marrow and Desolation Skin 04:47
7. Lost in Forest – Found in Flesh 03:40
8. Pleasure of Pain, Molesting and Torture to Be Continued.. 01:28
9. Cut a Piece for Your Hunger Reloaded (Song 2003) 03:12


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